Bamboo Pen

There is a lot of mysticism associated with bamboo in Asian culture. From the pages of Chinese culture we know that bamboo represents one of the four seasons. In Japan the bamboo plant is used to ward off evils and that is the main reason behind their growth around Buddhist shrines. In Vietnam the spirit of bamboo is interpreted in the martial arts. Most of us are aware that bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and grows at a rate of 47.6 inches in a single day. Bamboo forests have a tremendous effect on the global ecology as it maintains the right balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the environment. From ancient times bamboo has been used in many forms of art and use of a Bamboo Pen in calligraphy is just one of them.

Bamboo PenDo you know how to make a pen made from bamboo?

If you have studied the field of calligraphy especially Japanese bamboo calligraphy you would find out that a bamboo pen holds an important significance. These pens cost around fifteen dollars and you can make them yourself too. Below we have showed you the simple steps which you can follow to create a pen made from bamboo.

1. Select a bamboo stalk which you are comfortable to work on. The stalk need not be as thin as a regular pen but you should be comfortable to hold it.

2. Now your bamboo stalk needs to be cut into shape. This can be done by using clippers.

3. You do not need to invest in any special clippers. In fact you can use your garden clippers and remove the green surface of the stalk. You need to hold the stalk firmly and gently remove the stalk.

4. The Bamboo Pen that you are creating would be the length of a paintbrush. You can trim off the excess and cut it into proper shape.

5. When you are using the pen made from bamboo you would feel that one of its sides has a flat side. This makes it very comfortable when you are holding the pen and writing it. Now using a sharp utility knife you can start scraping off small portions of the bamboo from the surface a few centimeters each time. It is best to start small and then cut deeper surface area. After some time you have a 30 degree plane at your disposal.

6. Now the area of the nib has to be flattened by using a scalloping motion. Cut in the middle of the surface and then further flatten it out.

7. After the basic structure of the nib is done, you would need to further trim out the sides of the nib, depending on the width of the nib you want to enjoy for your pen which is made of bamboo.

8. Take a scissor and flatten the nib of the pen. Your nib should be as thin as you can make it to be and since bamboo is both strong and flexible it would not break.

9. You can now check and see whether you are comfortable working with it or you would need to customize it more.

What are the benefits of using a pen made from bamboo?

You have the correct tool for your calligraphy

Bamboo pens are very popular among calligraphers. Most of the time metal calligraphy pens are heavy and the write effects in the writing cannot be achieved. But when you use pens made from bamboo you have a more control over your writing and this creates beautiful calligraphy writing.

Bamboo pens last for long durations

If you are student of Japanese bamboo calligraphy you would soon realize that bamboo pens can have the thinnest nibs in various diameters and they last for long years as they are very sturdy and flexible. This makes the investment sound.

Great for the environment

One of the reasons behind the popular use of bamboo pens is the fact that they are very eco-friendly. They do not create any environment hazards or use large energy when they are being manufactured. In fact you can grow a bamboo plant in your garden and create a pen all by yourself.